is a walking trail that travels through private property along both sides of the Bighead River from the Bakeshop Bridge in Meaford to Riverside Community Centre on the seventh line.

    Parts of the trail are an easy walk while certain areas become difficult due to stream crossings and clay banks which have to be negotiated.  While this trail generally follows the river, passing through cedar groves and old hardwoods, it, at times, climbs out of the valley to pass through meadows and grain fields giving the hiker some spectacular views of the countryside.

    The Bighead River is one of the best trout fishing streams in Ontario and you will encounter many fishing enthusiasts throughout the year.

    Points of interest along the trail include areas where old sawmills and grist mills used to service the early settlers (incidentally, John Muir, the noted U.S. naturalist worked at the Trout mill for a couple of years in the 1860's).  Remains of an old power dam and power house testify to the use of the river as a source of electricity for the town of Meaford in the early 1900's.

    We have named the trail for the industrious family who built a sawmill in "Trout Hollow" in the 1850's.  The trail passes through the ruins of their mill, reminding us of the past and at the same time the continuous presence of the Bighead River.

    It is our hope that trail users will respect the private landowners who so generously have given permission to use their land and stay on the trail.  If you see garbage or litter, please carry it out with you.